Starting the Year Off Right: with the 2019 International AACTA Awards

Wow, what a night! For so many reasons, Friday, Jan. 4th 2019 will go down in the books as one of the best times of my career, hands down. Not only was it the first major red carpet event I’ve produced as Founder & Lead Producer at Bianchi Productions, but it was with the best clients anyone could ever ask for…LITERALLY!

Working in the entertainment industry has been a dream of mine since I can remember. And while my career did start there (think Kenneth the Page…for real), through a series of twists and turns, I have landed in the events industry: an amazing space and somewhere I believe I’ve found my true calling.

At the core, what I really love about both of these industries is the story telling aspect and the feelings it evokes. To have my entertainment and events worlds come together in such a marvelous way has been incredible. And even more so because of who I was doing it WITH. But before I get to the #ATEAM, check out this fantastic highlight reel created by Foxtel Australia for broadcast.

Finding a way to put into words how thankful I am for the two smart, powerful, beautiful (I could go on forever) women I’m pictured with below is challenging. They are not just my clients anymore, but empowering teammates that I’m lucky to now call “mates” as well. It’s an Aussie thing :)

In short, not only did they run an amazing 5-Star show from across the world, but they did it with grace and KINDNESS. And you know what…people responded in the same way. Everyone stepped up to the plate, went above and beyond their responsibilities, and pulled off an incredible show. Thank you a million times for bringing me on board this amazing ship of yours ladies, I’m never getting off!! 😊


And of course it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing venue and partners who helped pull it all together:

First off: The Mondrian Hotel & Director of Special Events Mr. Laurence Whiting – Where to begin? The easiest way I can summarize is this: the man NEVER said “no.” For those of you in the industry, you know how amazing this is, especially coming from a venue. Boy do I know a lot of people who could take a lesson from him in customer service! But besides the impeccable service this hotel and its team have to offer, the simplistic yet sophisticated beauty of the property fit perfectly with the new experience this year’s International AACTA’s were going for. And it was a home run!! Grand slam

Kelly Melo – Thank you for taking the lead as our show caller extraordinaire and allowing us to sleep before the event knowing the program was in the absolute BEST hands! You are a Rockstar and a badass (best combo!) and I’m so proud to call you my friend too. 😊

Nick Hardcastle – Our amazing VOG (Voice of God) and overall fantastic human being. Thank you so much for all that you do (Including acting as my agent – your check is in the mail 😉)! Your talent and spirit are limitless and I’m honored to continue working together in this next exciting chapter! And of course to call you my friend too!!

Red Carpet Systems – There are a few companies I’ve worked with for as long as I can remember in this business, and Red Carpet Systems is one of them. Like many of th/e other partners we work, they do much more then provide a perfect red carpet and step & repeat every time, that’s a “gimme.” Above that, it is their impeccable customer service, flexibility and overall can-do attitude that separates them from the pack. Thank you Mr. Sourice for always making us look good. Cheers to many more!!

DJ Tessa – Talk about VIBEs…this amazing DJ/lady boss definitely sets them right! A fellow entrepreneur, DJ Tessa runs Prism DJs, an agency representing only female DJs. You go girl! Thank you for being part of another amazing event, looking forward to many more.

And to all of the other teams who had a hand in this event, merci beaucoup!!

WOVA (in-house A/V & Lighting), Greenset (10’ hedge walls), Bill Ferrell (statues), Getty Photography, Burnish Creative (content back to Australia)

Also, special thanks to Mary & Darrin for saying YES to my crazy request! And to Kari, Laurence, & Nick for thinking of Bianchi Productions when the opportunity arose. I hate to overuse the word, but it’s the best one to describe how I feel…#GRATEFUL

For a full recap of this year’s show, please click HERE.